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In this blog you will find stories and pictures of SavannahSwedens Savannahcats and Great Danes shared by their new families.

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Kerli – Quitessence

Savannah Cat Posted on 2016-06-06 08:26

Hi. Quintessence feel very good. He is already frend with another cats and play and run all time :))
First day he show who is the boss 🙂 tryed to hit one cat, and after this no-one dared to do anything 🙂

I thinked that it takes some days, when other cats will accept him, but acctually i takes only 20 min. Only one cat afraid Quitessence. He stay away and just look how his play Emoji slightsmile

Malin- Neo och Nemesis

Savannah Cat Posted on 2016-06-06 08:18

Natasja och Anastasia! Jag skulle villa dela med mig lie bilder på Neo och Nemesis. Dom är ju halv året om några dagar. Bus kel och massa med pussar! Alltså helt underbara killar.